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All About Notifications

The Advent eLearning platform provides agencies with various communication methods and program notifications. These features ease the task of communicating with defendants for agency personnel and deliver personalized notifications about program progress and tasks needing attention. Through the eLearning platform agencies have access to the following forms of communication, all at no cost to them, letter printing and mailing, email notifications and SMS. Platform communications can be broken into two categories, participant communications and agency user notifications. Here are the specifics of each.


Agency User Notifications

The first type of notification we'll discuss is aimed at the agency personnel themselves. These notifications are designed to provide agencies with important updates, tasks requiring attention, and changes in participant status. They act as reminders for upcoming tasks, thus facilitating efficient and timely program management. The notifications can be tailored to each institution, allowing for a custom experience that meets the specific needs and preferences of each client. The flexibility doesn't stop there - certain notifications can be set to be delivered daily, and email notifications can be received as they are recorded or compiled into one daily email, depending on user preference.


Defendant Notifications

The Advent eLearning platform also offers a wide range of communication options to stay connected with program participants. These defendant notifications serve as reminders for upcoming tasks or assignments and alert participants about any changes in their status. In addition to this, letters can be used to inform participants about their eligibility for the program and provide them with the necessary steps to apply or enroll. The flexible nature of these notifications ensures that participants can receive communications in a manner that is most convenient and accessible to them. For instance, enrollment information can be resent via email at any time, or via SMS if a text-capable phone number is provided.


The Advent eLearning platform's notification system makes communication between agencies and defendants easy, efficient, and personalized. With an array of options for both agency personnel and program participants, it ensures that vital information is delivered promptly and conveniently. Whether it's reminding staff of tasks needing attention or keeping participants informed of their program progress, the Advent eLearning notification system is an essential tool for diversion programs.


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Advent eLearning courses address a variety of topics including:


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Juvenile Conflict Resolution

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Firearm Responsibility


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Juvenile Sexting

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Traffic Safety

Underage Substance

Victim Impact Panel


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